I think I’ll go for a walk outside now

Do you have a laundry list of tech goals? I sure do. It goes something like this:

  1. Learn Cocoa
  2. Learn Ruby on Rails
  3. Improve my PHP5 skills ($kiLlZ? I have no idea)
  4. Improve my javascript abilities The last two won’t be so bad. It’s the first two that are going to take the most time and commitment. Winter? No problem. It gets dark early, the kids go to sleep around 7-8pm and that leaves a couple of hours in the evening to spend on a specific task.

Not in the summer. No sir-ee.

A typical evening these days? Get home from work, play out back with the kids, clean em up, feed em dinner (always a good thing to remember to do), clean em up (again), play with trains, read a story, brush teeth, get em in bed. Put them back in bed. Again. And again. I can’t get mad. I can remember what it was like as a kid in the summer. You can’t go to sleep when there’s perfectly good sunlight now can you?

What’s that leave then? There’s still the random chores, home improvement, weed the garden, etc. Oh yeah, “hello wife, how was your day?”. By now it’s closer to 10pm. I get up at 6am. That means 10pm is night-night time, as my boys like to say. I know what some of you youngins are saying, 10pm is still early. Ah youth, your time will come.

So now you see my predicament. I just have to accept the fact that school’s out for summer.