The iWeb, iMail, iGame and occasionally iPhone

I wanted to get in on the iPhone action as soon as v1 came around, but due to budget constraints, that just wasn’t possible. Shortly after the release of the 3G model, a number of stars aligned and I picked up an 8gig 3G. This has turned out to be one my best tech purchases ever. There were several times this summer where the Google map feature helpfully guided myself and others to an elusive destination, and caught Kodak moments when I didn’t have my camera with me.

My only problem with the thing is its name. The irony of the label ìiPhoneî struck me the other day as I was watching the news with the wife and an iPhone commercial came on. More accurately, I should say I was listening to the news. I was technically reading news feeds and catching up on email. It got me thinking about how much time I spent on this device doing various activities. I’m thinking it breaks down as follows:

Reading news feeds - 70% Email - 10% Games - 15% Other ~ 4% Phone - 1%

That one percent may be a little high. It might be that I simply subscribe to too many feeds. All I know is that this handy little device is seriously cutting down on the amount of time I spend sitting at my desk in the evenings. That alone is a wonderful thing.