Social Media Click Stats

Today Luke Wroblewski asked: “What % of page views or visitors click on the Twitter or Facebook button on a page? Who’s willing to share some data?”. I shared some initial stats in the conversation, but I figured I’d pull some actual percentages to share with the dear reader.

@LukeW tweet asking for stats

The numbers below are pulled from a total of seven sites, including Since I track external link clicks on all projects, it was pretty easy to get the stats. For the purpose of these numbers, I’m only counting page views that have the social media links on them, which typically is just the homepage. For most sites, the links are presented fairly prominently using icons and large links. Pretty easy for the visitor to find. So without further ado, the numbers broken out by service:

  • Twitter: 0.370%
  • Facebook: 0.059%
  • LinkedIn: 0.008%
  • YouTube: 0.112%
  • Flickr: 0.028%

These are the typical services that the departments and schools at Notre Dame maintain. Not every site has every service, so I made sure to only count the averages for each site and the services they linked.

So how about this site? Glad you asked. As you can see, I link to quite a few services myself. Here’s my averages:

  • Twitter: 0.1%
  • Google+: 0.02%
  • Speaker Deck: 0.06%
  • GitHub: 0.1%
  • Flickr: 0.02%

Even though these numbers are low, I wouldn’t advocate for pulling them from your site. Let’s be honest, finding you on social media isn’t the why most people visit your site. But obviously some people do want to engage further. Let’s just not stress about making our social links a top priority.