HighEdWeb 2014

My presentation for HighEdWeb 2014 in Portland was about how to use offline web technologies. The focus was primarily on Web Storage and Appcache, but also touched on Web SQL and IndexedDB.

It’s worth mentioning that there was a period during the conference when wifi was completely down. During that time, attendees were still able to use the website and view their schedules. I won’t claim that the offline capabilities worked without a hitch, but overall I would call it a success.


Let’s face it. There more devices out there than you can support with dedicated native apps. And except for very specific cases, most of what you’ll want to do with your app is available through web API’s. And yes, this includes offline support. This presentations looks at options for storing data in the client browser and how you can leverage it to speed up your websites. We’ll also spend some time looking at how it was implemented on 2014.highedweb.org.