BDConf 2015

This month I attended my fifth Breaking Development Conference. BDConf is a boutique multi-location conference about the mobile web. It is a gathering of passionate, forward thinking web professionals looking to improve their mobile and Responsive Design skills and to interact with industry leaders in the areas of mobile design and User Experience. Below are the description and relevant links from my presentation.

BDConf: Nashville, TN

Taking the Web Offline

There are more devices out there than you can support with dedicated native apps. And except for very specific cases, most of what you’ll want to do with your app is available through web API’s. And yes, this includes offline support. Whether it’s a loss of cellular connectivity or lousy wifi at a conference, there will be times when a site can and should be available when the network is not. During this presentation we’ll take a look at your options for storing data in the client browser and how you can leverage them.

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