Micro-Blogging and the Independent Web

I’ve long been a fan of the IndieWeb movement. The core principles of the independent web are essentially as follows:

  1. Own your own content
  2. Syndicate to other services
  3. Control your content and format

Inspired by Manton Reece and his Indie Microblogging Kickstarter, I’ll be making some changes to this site and its functionality.

Changes to Come

Very soon I’ll be building in micro-blogging functionality. This will include an in-line view for these shorter posts. I’ll also be setting up a separate feed, which can then be used to feed Twitter using IFTTT, which in turn feeds into Facebook.

This new feature will not completely take over my social network posting. I’m sure I’ll still be posting directly to Facebook and Twitter, but I’ll try and stick to the new workflow as much as possible.

To learn more about the IndieWeb, I would recommend reading some of Jeremy Keith’s posts on the subject, and when it becomes available, Manton’s book Indie Microblogging.