Video Playback Rate

As a web developer who likes to keep up with all the latest and greatest in our profession, I find it difficult consume all of the media I’ve saved for later viewing or listening. I listen to all podcasts at 2x with little trouble. But what about videos?

YouTube playback speed options ranging from 0.25 to 2
YouTube playback speed options

Many conferences such as Smashing Magazine have started posting their videos online, typically on YouTube or Vimeo. YouTube has controls that allow adjustment of playback speed at quarter intervals, unfortunately, Vimeo does not. However, with a little console action, we can make any HTML5 video play at whatever speed we want.

document.querySelector('video').playbackRate = 1.5

Adjust the numeric value at the end (1 == default, 2 == 2x) to whatever speed you find comprehensible. You can even use this to fine-tune YouTube’s playback rate in case their provided values aren’t exactly what you need.