HighEdWeb 2018

My presentation for HighEdWeb 2018 in Sacramento was about our latest redesign of www.nd.edu and the performance goals we set for ourselves and how we tried to achieve them.


Internet speeds continue to increase across the country. Places that were once Edge network now enjoy LTE, and our devices are becoming even more capable of handling complex sites. However, the average sizes of websites are doing their best to outpace those improvements. So why is web performance getting short shrift, even when Google has started putting an emphasis on speed in its search rankings?

When Notre Dame kicked off our first homepage redesign since 2012, performance was at the top of our list. During this presentation we’ll cover the steps and considerations we went through to make sure our site is as performant as possible, and ideally, even faster than our 2012 version. We will also look at some of higher-eds worst mobile performers and (kindly) provide tips to increase their overall speed.

Link to conference presentation page.