A Tweetbot Shaped Hole

To the best of my memory Tweetbot has been my window into Twitter since pretty close to when it was released. I open Twitter’s web interface from time to time when I had to, but it has not been my primary way to use the service for well over a decade. There are multiple reasons I was fine with living as a second-class Twitter citizen. Primarily no ads, no algorithmic timeline, and syncing between mobile/desktop clients.

I use a three monitor setup at both home and the office. The left is always my laptop, and the right is a vertical 24-inch monitor. That right monitor is used for two purposes.

  1. A browser with dev-tools docked to the bottom (the extra vertical space is quite nice).
  2. All my social/communications apps. This typically includes Slack, Messages, Discord, and up until recently Tweetbot. Having them all together on one screen (and covered by a browser the majority of the time) cuts down on distractions coming from any of them.

However, for the last two weeks there has been no Tweetbot. It’s former home now a glaring absence showing the desktop below. And gone with it is my consumption of Twitter. To say I dislike the Twitter web interface and native apps is an understatement. So for the past two weeks I’ve been exclusively on Mastodon. And since I’ve gained access to Ivory (by Tapbots) I’ve found I don’t miss Twitter. The community on Mastodon has been growing rapidly, so if you’ve been putting off trying it out, I would encourage you to at least set up an account and start lurking.

So like many others, outside of posting to my teams work account, I’m done with Twitter. The new management have made it place I no longer want or need to be.

So if you need me, I’ll be over on webperf.social Mastodon. And hopefully soon there will be a Mac version of Ivory to take up residence in that glaring Tweetbot shaped hole.