Frontend Conference Zurich

This month I had the pleasure of presenting at Frontend Conference Zurich a two-day double-track conference working to establish itself as Switzerland’s leading conference on state-of-the-art frontend and UX technologies. The conference is an excellent platform for Swiss and European researchers, developers and designers to present their projects, latest research and technologies in the fields of Web technologies, Web design and UX/HCI (Human Computer Interaction).

Frontend Conf Zurich

Taking the Web Offline

The web has advanced greatly since the days of the browser cookie. We now have much more robust ways of saving data to a client device, including saving an entire site for offline use. We will look at a brief history of offline storage, but spend the majority of the time on how to use technologies available today to not only store data locally, but also how to create an app-like experience for those times when it’s necessary.

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Web Storage




Service Workers