Notes on HTTP/2

HTTP/2, the successor to SPDY is finally gaining traction on both browsers and web servers. For my own benefit (and hopefully yours), I’ll be documenting relevant articles and information here.


HTTP/2 is supported on NGINX as of version 1.9.5. To get it working on my dev environment, I followed the instructions on a couple of different sites (listed below), but needed to run both “brew update”, and then “brew reinstall --devel --with-spdy nginx”. When I tried to just install NGINX using the “--devel” command, I was greeted by a message stating that 1.8.0 was already installed.


HTTP/2 support is now available in Apache httpd 2.4.17. A great write-up is available at mod_h[ttp]2: how to h2 in apache.


Even though SSL is not enforced in the RFC, all browsers that support HTTP/2 require it. So if you plan on going down the HTTP/2 route, be sure that SSL is an option, or already enabled on your site/app.