'Can I Use' Import Statistics

I’ve been using Can I Use for years to check current support for various web features. Today I learned (thanks @rachelandrew) that you can import your personal (or company) statistics into Can I Use and it will display it next to the U.S. and Global stats.

Why this is important

Stats from elsewhere can be helpful, but the best are from your own site(s). Having the ability to look up features and see numbers for your users specifically is fantastic. For instance, CSS Grid Layout has started appearing in most of the major browsers. Looking at the CSS Grid stats on Can I Use you’ll see that (in November 2017) the U.S. stats are at 84% and global is 75%. Compare that to stats from our CMS (home of 576 Notre Dame websites) which is at almost 89%.

Can I Use stats showing the percentage of support for CSS Grid Layout

Granted, it’s not that big of a difference over the rest of the U.S., but it IS higher. And when making decisions about the code that’s going to be powering those 576+ websites, it can make the difference of whether we use a feature now, or wait a little while longer. As for CSS Grid Layout, we’re starting to use it now… with fallbacks of course.