By the Numbers: T-Shirts

I have a lot of t-shirts. Too many one might say. It always seemed like I had way more tech related t-shirts than anything else, so I figured just for fun, to sort and count. And if you know me, you’ll not be shocked the results.

Five stacks of t-shirts sorted by typeThe shirts sorted into five stacks by category.

I decided to break the shirts down into five categories that made sense based on the actual shirt topics.

  1. Plain white shirts
  2. Plain colored shirts
  3. Athletic. This includes mostly Detroit Lions and University of Michigan shirts.
  4. Tech/Geek. This includes conference shirts, tech companies, and plain ol’ geeky shirts.
  5. Random. This is the catch-all for the ones that didn’t fit a particular category.
A chart depicting the ratio of the shirt stacks

As you could probably tell from the first photo, one stack simply towered over the rest. As it turns out, the tech/geek pile contained more than all other stacks combined. The other thing this exercise revealed is that I have (at least) 59 t-shirts. Too many you may ask? Yes, too many. I guess I’ll take some time over the holiday break and clean out the closet.

Anybody want some gently used tech shirts? 😉