Updating Service Worker cache version using Jekyll

I’ve been diving deep into Service Workers lately. There are a lot of great resources, and others sharing their stories and work such as Jeremy Keith and Lyza Danger Gardner have proved invaluable. One issue that has continually bothered me is the manual updating of the cache version every time I modify my site. So after a little digging, I’ve found a very simple way to update my Service Worker version number whenever I update this site.

2016 To-Do List

I’ve never been one for New-Years resolutions, but I do like to make myself a list of items I’d like to accomplish over the next year. This rarely, if ever, centers around the typical weight-loss/exercise resolutions as I prefer to focus my goals around learning and growing professionally.

Frontend Conference Zurich

This month I had the pleasure of presenting at Frontend Conference Zurich a two-day double-track conference working to establish itself as Switzerland’s leading conference on state-of-the-art frontend and UX technologies. The conference is an excellent platform for Swiss and European researchers, developers and designers to present their projects, latest research and technologies in the fields of Web technologies, Web design and UX/HCI (Human Computer Interaction).

BDConf 2015

This month I attended my fifth Breaking Development Conference. BDConf is a boutique multi-location conference about the mobile web. It is a gathering of passionate, forward thinking web professionals looking to improve their mobile and Responsive Design skills and to interact with industry leaders in the areas of mobile design and User Experience. Below are the description and relevant links from my presentation.