The Power of the Web

Our industry has been embroiled in a battle of ideals. On one side you have the native app advocates, and on the other, those pushing the web forward as an alternative (or supplement) to native apps. I don’t know if the folks that run #startYourShift had this debate in mind when they selected this months topic, but it’s the lens I’m going to use. This months topic: “What do you think is the most powerful characteristic of the web?”.

Updating Service Worker cache version using Jekyll

I’ve been diving deep into Service Workers lately. There are a lot of great resources, and others sharing their stories and work such as Jeremy Keith and Lyza Danger Gardner have proved invaluable. One issue that has continually bothered me is the manual updating of the cache version every time I modify my site. So after a little digging, I’ve found a very simple way to update my Service Worker version number whenever I update this site.

2016 To-Do List

I’ve never been one for New-Years resolutions, but I do like to make myself a list of items I’d like to accomplish over the next year. This rarely, if ever, centers around the typical weight-loss/exercise resolutions as I prefer to focus my goals around learning and growing professionally.